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About Us

Many years in the industry have highlighted the challenges facing the average SA worker. We started the business with the aim of providing a solid base from which to help the employees of the company, and the community. We intend to start with basic education for employees, provide financial assistance wherever possible. We believe this will allow for an improvement in their self-confidence and self-worth, and promote better relationships between their family members. We intend to support our local churches by means of tithes, as well as annual offerings from our profits assisting the church to be more effective at reaching the un-churched community and increase its influence.

We are fully aware of the specific requirements in providing a technically proficient repair, and as such have a dedicated training program to uplift and educate our staff. Staff will undergo internal awareness and skills training before commencing work, and will also be sent on outsourced training at suppliers to expand their understanding of all the processes so that they can provide a more rounded assessment of your products. Certificates will be issued upon completion of an exam/ assessment, coupled with a financial gain.

Why Legacy Hydraulics?

Ownership within the company already reflects the direction in which we intend moving, and we intend expanding on this by promoting internal development between our immediate family members before attempting to outsource labour or skills. We are generating a profit-sharing option for our employees so that they too may gain financially in the growth of the business.

Our Community

All directors are in agreement with their spiritual goals and have chosen the following:

  1. Assisting our local churches to make an impact in our communities is at the heart of our social drive. We tithe from every transaction so that our local church can use the resources to reach out and help the marginalized and the destitute, as the leadership sees fit.
  2. We also believe that homeless, orphans and the elderly need the compassion and understanding from society at large to make them feel wanted. On top of our tithe we provide a birthday cake and cupcakes to two local institutions on a monthly basis, so that they too can feel loved and trust that they can build their self-confidence and self-worth. We hope to provide additional hand crafts and classes in the near future by partnering with a small home-based craft business.
  3. After we have received the necessary approval from a pre-selected Primary school in KZN we intend to financially support a candidate through their High School years. This may carry through to their further studies should the support base grow large enough. Our intention for the future is to integrate these learners into the company to provide an experience base for them in the working world. There will be no pay-back time for the studies and they are free to join or move on should they so choose.


Phone: 011 913 0573

Email: info@legacyhydraulics.co.za

Address: 15 Dogar street, Delville, Germiston, 1401



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Phone: 011 913 0573

Email: info@legacyhydraulics.co.za

Address: 15 Dogar street, Delville, Germiston, 1401