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Technical Support and Advice

We can offer technical support and advice to all our clients including provisional cylinder assessment training, seal selection training and assist in identifying preventive activities. We believe this should be a symbiotic relationship where we can move forward together.

We believe that by providing our clients with more information on their products they can be better informed to make the correct choice when looking at overhauling their equipment.

Milling, Welding And Standard Lathe-Work

Machining capabilities include milling, welding and standard conventional lathe-work up to 3m. We are ideally suited to handle all manner of TLB,

forklift, steering, dozer, grader, cab-lift and many other types of cylinders and associated parts.

Round the clock delivery service

We offer round the clock collection and delivery services and our key suppliers are on call to cater for those breakdowns that occur at awkward times, 

and we can arrange for week-end work with very little notice.

detailed failure report within 24 hours

Upon receipt of a cylinder, the component will be photographed and sent to you via SMS together with a Job number. We are ideally suited to handle all manner of TLB,

forklift, steering, dozer, grader, cab-lift and many other types of cylinders and associated parts.

On-site quotations

On-site quotations. In today’s fast-paced world of instant news and reviews, we understand the need to have assessments and evaluations as quickly as possible. Legacy Hydraulics is able to help you by coming directly to you and assessing your cylinder on-site. We use our own internally developed software which takes the entered dimensions of the parts and calculate the anticipated costs. Even though a stripped cylinder is the ideal condition with which to provide an accurate cost of repair, we can still provide you with an accurate budget quote while you enjoy a cup of coffee! No waiting, no hassles, no fuss.


Terms and conditions for above.

On-site budget quotes are not to be considered final and no Order numbers should be issued against these budgets until a formal quote has been received. The company reserves the right to alter the quote once the cylinder has been fully stripped and assessed. Other latent defects such as cracked castings, bent rods, blown barrels etc. not initially detected on-site will be charged for.

Our environment

We have identified cylinder re-spraying in the hydraulic industry as a major contributor of atmospheric pollutants, as well as being an incredibly hazardous activity for the long-term health and safety of our personnel and we do not accept that this has to be the standard any longer. As a bench-marking activity we have moved away from these highly aggressive solvents, and have switched to a totally water-based solution in our spraying facility. No more solvents and no more pollutants mean a cleaner future for us and our children. We have decided to partner with Plascon® products exclusively to help bring about a better change for our planet. We believe that a small price premium now will produce a better result for all, both for our planet and its people.



Legacy Hydraulics carries out repairs to, and manufacturers, hydraulic cylinders of almost any design. We are familiar with specific design criteria of almost every manufacturer’s brand. We specialize in small to medium sized units with the emphasis on quick, top quality turnarounds. We offer better attention to detail than what is currently on offer from other hydraulic companies with quality trumping delivery and price. You can rest assured that you will only ever be charged for what is necessary to repair the cylinder and no more.

We offer the full scope of repair procedures carried out by many of our selected suppliers from chroming right through to solvent-free paint selection. We work on tight schedules to keep your production on track and minimize your down times.

We can also offer training to better equip your staff with preventive maintenance tips and early diagnostics on your cylinders. This covers many topics such as surface finishes, material selections, seal choices and general engineering tolerances.


As working partners, we intend to remain lean, technically proficient and involved in all aspects of your overhaul. This goes from the initial assessment of your part through to the final preparation for delivery. Upon receipt of your cylinder, you will receive an SMS notification complete with photograph and job number. Within 24 hours you will receive a quote and failure report with photographic evidence, as well as what we consider to be a root cause analysis for the failure.

Once approved for rework we photograph the final assembly stages as well so you can rest assured we have done what we charged for, and keep those records for future reference. As required, we can also forward pictures at selected progress points to keep you up to date with the progress of your work. Very handy when you, the client, are not able to visit or are too far away to make a site visit.

We have partnered with select suppliers to fast-track your requirements into reality by being able to access the best people to do the best job. We choose to use local product suppliers first before supporting overseas based suppliers, and will always promote SA service providers before another, even at a cost premium.

For example, we choose to only use chrome suppliers who will triple flash the rod surface thereby increasing resistance to corrosion and porosity. We will promote the selection of induction hardened material to minimize the risk of whipping and bending. We will supply and fit OEM brand seals exclusively unless requested by the customer. This way we ensure that the compression set of the seals, reaction time of sealing lips and load bearing capacities of wear rings are the same as required by the OEM.


The purpose of the company is not simply to generate money for the sole purpose of enriching the lifestyles of the owners, but we believe that the wealth is to be used for a more noble goal of enriching the lives of the people it employs. Our mission statement is ‘Honouring God, honouring people, honouring work’ and we believe that these life choices must be achieved in that specific order. As we firstly honour God with our life choices we believe he will then provide for our work and we then have the responsibility to use the wealth He has created to help and uplift the people that we meet.

Assisting in long-term solutions to the employment needs of South Africa is one of our core goals. We believe that there are too many South African middle-aged adults in this country that are unemployed, or unemployable, due to the lack of basic schooling. This gives them very little scope for workplace advancement, coupled with an associated increase in their wealth status. We believe that the history of our country has contributed to this number of adults with little to no education. Far too often these people were assigned the roles of parents in a household, removing the pleasure of a childhood and supplanting it with the responsibility of adulthood. We have not witnessed any significant changes in the situations of any of our friends or family in recent years. We believe it is our responsibility as Bible believing Christians to assist in bringing about change. We will assist in paying for schooling for individuals of our choice, with the goal of then recruiting them into the company as an employed asset. We believe this will allow for them to train others with their experience while learning a new skill, so that they can become self-sufficient retirees with a lesser burden on the state, as well as provide a framework for a new generation of workers to be launched into other fields by creating a framework to learn hands-on skills in a working environment.

We also believe we have a responsibility to uplift the lonely, forgotten and discarded people of our world. We will support local charities first to make sure that widows, orphans and the elderly know that they are loved, and we would like to help them discover Gods plan for their life. We do not believe anyone is a mistake. God has a plan for each of us, regardless of where we currently find ourselves.


Phone: 011 913 0573

Email: info@legacyhydraulics.co.za

Address: 15 Dogar street, Delville, Germiston, 1401



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Phone: 011 913 0573

Email: info@legacyhydraulics.co.za

Address: 15 Dogar street, Delville, Germiston, 1401